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Have you seen that “flying angel” on Second Wind Publishing’s blog? Today I read the first formatted copy of Divide by Zero‘s re-release, and there it is, my very own flying angel! Thank you Second Wind Publishing!

Meanwhile I’m editing the second novel in the series, Infinite Sum. If Divide by Zero was a tapestry, I guess Infinite Sum must be the genesis of a painting, since it’s told through the eyes of an artist reading her life from pictures.

And then there’s Imaginary Numbers, a mystery. And then… and then…

One day I’ll write the tale of the guardian angel cat, but you’ll have to read the books to find out who that is.

guardian angel cat
guardian angel cat

Coming Soon…

I thought it must be spring when trillium bloomed in Forest Park.

trillium in Forest Park
trillium in Forest Park

Then it rained again.

I thought it must be spring when Mum’s Easter cactus came into flower.

Easter cactus
Easter cactus

But it’s cold and gray.

I’m sure it will be spring when I plant my dahlias again.

20130813_082540But Easter’s soon

and coming soon

will be Nazareth Neighbors in print and Galilee’s Gift

Nazareth Neighbors
Nazareth Neighbors
Galilee's Gift
Galiee’s Gift

telling the tales

of a man from Galilee’s gifts.

100 words a day Bible stories
Easter! Creation to Salvation in 100 words a day

Happy Easter!


Playing with the Birds, part 2

Spring took a break and April showers marched their way through our yard. I learned that dandelions bloom faster than daffodils, and local squirrels have a taste for crocuses. But even the squirrels (and birds) hid when the rain hit its worst.


On a rare day of sunshine, I planted irises, donated by a generous neighbor. Hooked on success when  their leaves still looked alive (and the tubers hadn’t been pulled out by squirrels or birds), I tackled weeds (and errant dandelions) in the gray of the following day. Then it rained again. And then, ah folly, I tried to pull more weeds and rediscovered why I hated mud pies as a kid.

I remember being told all kids love mud. Not me; not mine. Finger painted aroused all my distaste for feeling messy. But I never intended to give my kids the same hangups. I pretended enthusiasm with glee and they burst into tears. “Not like mess.” They never enjoyed muddy yardwork either. But the birds thought it was great.

So, back to those birds. Crows are loud, large, and threatening. Small bright-colored friends watch from branches and tweet random numbers of notes (not characters). Huge blue birds shout at squirrels who shout back. And they all fly up in a cloud when dogs walks past.

Dogs are the best bit or yardwork. Mud is the worst. And twitter might still be my friend. My Klout score has reached an amazing 62, though I’m not sure who I’ll klout with it–maybe the crows if they threaten me again. The score certainly seems to be related to tweets and retweets. So now I’m twittering 140 character fiction, writing kids’ stories, dreaming a novella, editing two novels, and reading…

…and gardening.


Playing with the birds

I think spring sprang to life today. Lots of little green shoots appeared in our garden. And a gorgeous springer spaniel, who just happens to be visiting for the weekend, sprang over them with delightful agility. Meanwhile the local birds, perhaps unconvinced of said springer spaniel’s goodwill, sprang into song.

Birdsong: the sound of tweeting birds.

Twitter: light-hearted nonsense chatter.

Tweet: The highly recommended, up-and-coming (or already here–why am I always behind the curve) form of advertizing your books.

Easter! Creation to Salvation in 100 words a day
Get ready for Easter. Read the whole Bible story in 100 words a day

So here I sit, like a twit, composing 140 character tweets that include links (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords perhaps) to my Easter book, and realizing before Ash Wednesday would have been a better time for them (but it was still winter, wet and soggy, and lacking in birdsong back then). Still, the tweets will go out (as will the dog), and maybe I’ll even check to see if they generate any interest, or lead to sales.

I’m told real authors check their sales figures as frequently as real marketers tweet. But I’m still behind the curve–I probably have to figure out how to check them first.

For my tweets, visit:

for a growing collection of Twitter stories and poems, try:

and for a book of 100-word Bible stories and Christian ponderings, just click on the links above.



Where is Hemlock?

The black-green scar of Hemlock Forest tore across yellowing plains. Before it  all roads but one turned away in dismay. But Dad took the one road, the freeway’s thick black snake, and drove without pause. Soon sentinel trees stood guard to either side, bending to watch the car. Eyes shone in shadowed threat or hope, but Dad seemed unconcerned. “It’s just animals.”

Finn wasn’t sure. He jumped in his seat as they passed a line of orange cones blocking an exit. “Look Dad! Over there.” And his father explained, there’d been a village once, deep under the forest’s green, but it was was long gone, deserted before the freeway was even imagined.

The road’s snake rose on concrete stilts into daylight on the edge of the forest. Gray shapes of a lonely townscape shone in the sun. “That’s where we’re going, kids,” said Dad. “Hemlock Edge. We’ll be safe there.”

Finn still wasn’t sure.

But Finn and his family aren’t the first strangers to travel in search of Hemlock. The short story, Passage, in Hero’s Best Friend: An Anthology of Animal Companions, tells of another family coming from a place much further away, and a creature who maybe lives still under those trees, watching and waiting, bright eyes shading into dark.

You can find Hero’s Best Friend on Amazon Kindle at

and on Nook

Look out for it in paperback, coming soon!

Free Bedtime Stories, just for you!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue;

New words are bled,

To the page with the dew

Of new dreams; it is said

If you download them, you

Can be one who has read

All the dreams asked you to.

And these words are free! 75 5-minute bedtime stories for kids, from

Plus, they’re even #1! PS 1 in OT

Photos look good in print too

My Mum had three Christmases this year

  1. In November, with my brothers and my sister-in-law (and greyhounds!)
  2. In December, with my husband and me, and two of our sons, and
  3. In January, with oldest son and his (wonderful) girlfriend.

By the end of that visit, Mum’s camera was heavily laden with Christmas photographs, but we hadn’t bothered to load them onto the computer. Then, just as oldest son departed, we found an online deal for a photo book. One day only, the offer said. So we stopped procrastinating.

And here’s Mum’s book!20140121_175026 blur

And here’s my book!20140117_135350

I’d have to say, photos look good in print too.

The Joys of Print

It’s here! It’s real! It’s Bethlehem’s Baby in print! And I’m over the moon.


But now, of course, the vexing question is, how many copies should I buy.

Reasons to buy more:

  1. My Mum wants to take some home to England with her.
  2. My friends prefer real books to ebooks, and have said they’d like to read it.
  3. Cape Arago Press is a real publisher, which always (at least in my brief experience) encourages real buyers.
  4. If I can’t sell copies now, they’ll surely sell on my table at 2014’s Christmas Fair.

Reasons not to buy more:

  1. It’s January: Our credit card’s still bent out of shape from Christmas.
  2. It’s January: Bethlehem’s Baby was born in December.
  3. How do I know my friends will want to buy it?

Reasons to ignore my doubts:

  1. Mum says buy more.
  2. I can always sell to strangers.

So what shall I do?

  1. Buy books!

Watch this space for Bethlehem’s Baby in print, coming soon on Amazon (and maybe other places too):

and don’t forget to look for other books in the Five-Minute Bible StoryTM series.

What price kindle free?

Genesis People (#1 in the Five Minute Bible StoryTM Series) is free on kindle from now ’til January 14th. And I sold over a hundred copies today!

Pause while I do a happy dance with my Mum…

Wouldn’t you want to dance? Over a hundred new readers cared enough to download copies. Over a hundred new readers might write reviews. And over a hundred new readers might choose to buy Bethlehem’s Baby (#6) in print soon… so very soon. The first print copy’s already in the mail from my publisher!

Of course, my husband saw my happy dance and asked why. Being a practical kind of guy, he answered my triumphant tally of sales by demanding to know the price. When I answered “free,” he said “Then you gave them away. That isn’t selling.” But perhaps it’s marketing.

I’ll get back to you later on whether or not it’s successful marketing. Meanwhile I’ll hope my readers might get back to me for more. And I’ll rejoice in the fact that I’m enjoying writing #8, Galilee’s Gift.

Five Minute Bible StoryTM Series, for bedtime, nap time, family time, Sunday school and more: Five minutes stories based on the Bible and grounded in faith, science and history.


Happy New Year!


This year I will:

  1. Remember to diet when Christmas and New Year  are done.
  2. Remember to exercise when I run out of words to type–walking being much more inspiring, less fattening, and better for me than snacking on cookies!
  3. Remember to write something every day, even if it’s only a shopping list–and if it’s a shopping list, make sure it’s creative.
  4. Remember to write book reviews as soon as I finish reading, so I don’t have to spend so long unfolding corners of pages to find the notes I made.
  5. Remember to carry a pencil when reading, so I can make notes instead of trying to remember why I folded those corners down.
  6. Remember to tidy up my blogs.
  7. Remember to tidy up my computer.
  8. Remember to sort out my Christmas mailing list ’cause I forgot last year
  9. Remember to email sons, brothers and mother at regular intervals, and
  10. Remember, if I’m panicking I’m probably doing something wrong.

What’s on your list?

trumpets 7

And Happy New Year 2014!

(Help! Where did 2012 go?)

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