Speaking engagements

Sheila Deeth is available for speaking engagements on a wide range of topics – faith, science, writing, self-publishing, abuse and forgiveness, and many more. Contact her if you or your group would like to learn more about:

  • The intersection of Faith and Science, and why it matters
  • How Victims become Survivors
  • How to forgive when you can’t forgive, and what has “forgive and forget” got to do with it
  • How to self-publish on a shoe-string, and what are your options
  • Why self-publish, and what other ways can you get your words “out there”
  • What is your narrative voice, and why first-person writing isn’t natural after all.
  • What does the Bible say…?
  • The intersection of Faith and Morality, and why it matters
  • Why so many kids leave the church when they grow up, and why  “catch them while they’re young” might be a little too much like “catch and release”
  • How does it feel to be an immigrant, and how do you decide to be an immigrant?
  • What does “two countries separated by a common language” mean?
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