Free Bedtime Stories, just for you!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue;

New words are bled,

To the page with the dew

Of new dreams; it is said

If you download them, you

Can be one who has read

All the dreams asked you to.

And these words are free! 75 5-minute bedtime stories for kids, from

Plus, they’re even #1! PS 1 in OT

Photos look good in print too

My Mum had three Christmases this year

  1. In November, with my brothers and my sister-in-law (and greyhounds!)
  2. In December, with my husband and me, and two of our sons, and
  3. In January, with oldest son and his (wonderful) girlfriend.

By the end of that visit, Mum’s camera was heavily laden with Christmas photographs, but we hadn’t bothered to load them onto the computer. Then, just as oldest son departed, we found an online deal for a photo book. One day only, the offer said. So we stopped procrastinating.

And here’s Mum’s book!20140121_175026 blur

And here’s my book!20140117_135350

I’d have to say, photos look good in print too.

The Joys of Print

It’s here! It’s real! It’s Bethlehem’s Baby in print! And I’m over the moon.


But now, of course, the vexing question is, how many copies should I buy.

Reasons to buy more:

  1. My Mum wants to take some home to England with her.
  2. My friends prefer real books to ebooks, and have said they’d like to read it.
  3. Cape Arago Press is a real publisher, which always (at least in my brief experience) encourages real buyers.
  4. If I can’t sell copies now, they’ll surely sell on my table at 2014’s Christmas Fair.

Reasons not to buy more:

  1. It’s January: Our credit card’s still bent out of shape from Christmas.
  2. It’s January: Bethlehem’s Baby was born in December.
  3. How do I know my friends will want to buy it?

Reasons to ignore my doubts:

  1. Mum says buy more.
  2. I can always sell to strangers.

So what shall I do?

  1. Buy books!

Watch this space for Bethlehem’s Baby in print, coming soon on Amazon (and maybe other places too):

and don’t forget to look for other books in the Five-Minute Bible StoryTM series.

What price kindle free?

Genesis People (#1 in the Five Minute Bible StoryTM Series) is free on kindle from now ’til January 14th. And I sold over a hundred copies today!

Pause while I do a happy dance with my Mum…

Wouldn’t you want to dance? Over a hundred new readers cared enough to download copies. Over a hundred new readers might write reviews. And over a hundred new readers might choose to buy Bethlehem’s Baby (#6) in print soon… so very soon. The first print copy’s already in the mail from my publisher!

Of course, my husband saw my happy dance and asked why. Being a practical kind of guy, he answered my triumphant tally of sales by demanding to know the price. When I answered “free,” he said “Then you gave them away. That isn’t selling.” But perhaps it’s marketing.

I’ll get back to you later on whether or not it’s successful marketing. Meanwhile I’ll hope my readers might get back to me for more. And I’ll rejoice in the fact that I’m enjoying writing #8, Galilee’s Gift.

Five Minute Bible StoryTM Series, for bedtime, nap time, family time, Sunday school and more: Five minutes stories based on the Bible and grounded in faith, science and history.


Happy New Year!


This year I will:

  1. Remember to diet when Christmas and New Year  are done.
  2. Remember to exercise when I run out of words to type–walking being much more inspiring, less fattening, and better for me than snacking on cookies!
  3. Remember to write something every day, even if it’s only a shopping list–and if it’s a shopping list, make sure it’s creative.
  4. Remember to write book reviews as soon as I finish reading, so I don’t have to spend so long unfolding corners of pages to find the notes I made.
  5. Remember to carry a pencil when reading, so I can make notes instead of trying to remember why I folded those corners down.
  6. Remember to tidy up my blogs.
  7. Remember to tidy up my computer.
  8. Remember to sort out my Christmas mailing list ’cause I forgot last year
  9. Remember to email sons, brothers and mother at regular intervals, and
  10. Remember, if I’m panicking I’m probably doing something wrong.

What’s on your list?

trumpets 7

And Happy New Year 2014!

(Help! Where did 2012 go?)

New Ebook Released, just in time for Christmas!!!

Nazareth Neighbors has just been released by Cape Arago Press, and I’m dancing on the moon–well, I would be, but it’s cold outside, so I’ll dance around the living room instead. Then I’ll decorate the Christmas tree that’s scenting the room with festive hints of pine.

Here’s where you can find it–the ebook, not the tree!

on Amazon kindle:

and on  Smashwords:

And here’s what the publisher has to say about it:

Readers say: “Deeth’s young Jesus is delightful”…“her well-developed stories seamlessly meld with the Gospel narratives”…“an encounter with a Jesus I never imagined”… “true to life and thoroughly believable, your kids will love them.”

Welcome to Nazareth Neighbors, the Seventh installment in the increasingly popular Five-Minute Bible Story™ Series. Author Sheila Deeth extends her exploration of the New Testament period with this artful examination of the so called hidden years in the life of Christ.

Matthew’s Gospel narrative brings the Holy Family back from Egypt and home to Nazareth in Galilee. He then leaps ahead over twenty-five years and begins his next chapter with John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness. Likewise, Luke sends them to Nazareth assuring us that “the child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom…” In the very next verse, Jesus re-appears as a twelve-years-old heading to Jerusalem with his parents for the Passover. Chapter Three makes a second leap forward, telling us it’s now the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar [i.e.: AD 29], Pontius Pilate is governor of Judea, Herod Antipas is tetrarch of Galilee, and Caiaphas is high priest.

So what happened in those hidden years, those intervening decades between the return to Nazareth and the time when Jesus began his public ministry? Ms. Deeth fills this gap using logic, imagination and a subtle sense of humor. In so doing, she presents everyday life in Nazareth for the boy Jesus. Throughout the book’s fifty-plus chapters he assists Joseph in his carpentry work, interacts with friends and neighbors, and experiences the wider world beyond his hometown. The reader meets a young, but self-aware Jesus filled with boyish curiosity yet often wise beyond his years. Ever alert to the world around him, he catalogs the ups and downs of First Century life compiling a treasure trove of memories. And it’s from those memories and experiences that Jesus extracts the nuggets of wisdom for his parables.

I think I’m blushing while I dance, and I’m thrilled to know how much his readers like it! Here’s hoping my readers will like it too 🙂

Happy Christmas !

How much does a $1.10 stamp cost?

I’m late, I know, but I finally wrote our Christmas letter, printed it out, stuffed it into envelopes, and glued on those 50+ addresses ready for mailing. Now it was time for that yearly marathon visit to the Post Office.

We send lots of mail to England so we know it costs $1.10 for the postage stamp. Sadly, the Post Office sold out of such stamps last week. But surely they’d have more now, I thought, and surely our cards would soon be on their way.

So, just how much does a $1.10 stamp cost?

The Post Office was still sold out. They didn’t even have $1 stamps, or 10cent ones, or 5cents, so we couldn’t wallpaper the envelopes with pictures to make up the price. “Try over the road.”

At the UPS store, they’d happily frank our mail at $2.20 each. And the next place we tried was the same. $2.20, it seems, is the going rate for a $1.10 frank. I headed back to the Post Office.

“We don’t have the right machine,” they said, so they couldn’t frank my mail, whatever I paid. But they could tell me, three “forever” stamps each would send my cards on their way.

Unless my math is failing, that’s $1.38 per $1.10 mailing, but it’s the best offer I got, so I went with it. And now you know, a $1.10 in postage costs 25% more if it happens to be Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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