Welcome to 2021

Did you make any New Year resolutions? I saw my doctor last week (on Zoom) and she suggested a good objective for me would be to stay out of hospital for the rest of the year–one thing I surely hope to succeed in!

So far 2021 has offered two floods in the basement (one much worse than the other), two unrelated hospital stays (one much longer than the other), and a small tree falling toward our house. There’s not much writing getting done around here; not much editing either. But I’m working on getting back to normal.

Of course, after 2020, it’s not entirely clear what normal should look like: Sickness, violence, the normalization of lies? Or kindness, generosity, strangers helping strangers, and neighbors checking up to make sure the elderly are safe. (Okay, I wasn’t intending to include myself among the elderly quite yet…) Perhaps it’s just a question of point of view.

The hospital visits revealed problems I didn’t know I had, that can now be dealt with before they come serious. The big basement flood waited until we’d brought all the books and ornaments upstairs after the small one. And the tree had just been trimmed so it didn’t cause any damage. Which means we’re seriously lucky. Meanwhile, in the small amount of writing I’ve done, my pre-teen boy protagonist has revealed a much more positive point of view than his older sister’s, pondering whether his teacher is having a bad day when she can’t pronounce his name, whereas big sister, in the same situation, was more likely to  consider turning someone into a frog.

The Hemlock stories are one thing I’m working on. Another is my cat stories, ’cause my mum loves cats and wants to see them in a book. And a third is a middle-grade storybook version of Revelation. Who knows which I will finish first? But if you’re looking for something to change your point of view on sickness, violence, and the normalization of lies, you might try my most recent release: Questioning Faith. The world has a long history of trials and tribulations, and a long perspective can help.

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