Happy Thanksgiving


Today I had my annual mammogram – I’m thankful for advances in medicine that keep track of my health.

Then I went for my annual blood test but they’d lost the order – I’m thankful for the kind assistant who got it reinstated and took my blood – I’ll be even more thankful if my cholesterol’s gone down – I’ve been working on it, and I’m thankful for living in a place where it’s so easy to get exercise.

Next was a quick trip to the bread store, feeling seriously hungry by now since I’d fasted for the blood test. Sadly the bread store had mislaid my order too – it’s one of those days – but I’m thankful for helpful and patient staff who reconstructed it and introduced me to some wonderful gluten-free rosemary garlic bread, my official new favorite!

In Safeway I forgot what I was shopping for – that hunger thing I guess – I’m thankful I (think I) remembered.

And back home I was thankful for food, at last! Then the phone rang – the hospital wanted to set a date for my cataract surgery, so I’m thankful there’s a chance my eyesight could improve again – I’m really looking forward to the day!

The phone rang again – our new windows have arrived and they wanted a date to install them – I’m thankful for warm double-glazing and clear glass, and for the fact that soon we’ll have them both throughout the house.

And the phone rang – that strange foreign voice said I had a problem with windows on my computer – I’m thankful I don’t have a problem, and I love Windows 10.

And I’m thankful!

What are you thankful for?

Writing Exercise

Our Writers’ Group prompt for December is white, and for March it’s windows. With eyes, double-glazing and computers, there are many types of windows we can write about. But which windows are white? Sometimes it’s fun to try to connect two random words, hence this exercise:

  1. How old are you?
  2. Open a book to that page number.
  3. What’s your birthdate?
  4. Pick the line (for day) and word (for month), and write down the word. (i.e. if your birthday is March 20th, pick the 3rd word on the 20th line)
  5. Now do the same for your best friend, spouse, child, or dog… (just one of these)
  6. Can you think of a connection between the two words you’ve found. If so, you’ve probably just engaged your creative side. Creativity inspires writing. So write at least one paragraph inspired by the words and/or their connection.

Happy Writing! And Happy Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. “And the phone rang – that strange foreign voice said I had a problem with windows on my computer”

    Oh-oh, a little social engineering hacking going on there. Hope you hung up immediately.


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