Wagging their tails behind them

Do you remember when Little Bo Peep lost her sheep?

Do you remember the blind mice whose tails were chopped off?

Then tell-tale tit told a lie, and such troubles ensued.

I’m hoping for good news, good tales, good sales and good reviews on the release of my latest book, my first from Linkville Press. Tails of Mystery is a book of animal stories for kids of all ages, about dogs of indeterminate age, the occasional cat, many tails, some raccoons perhaps, and more, all set in a neighborhood near you. Can you resist those smiling doggy faces?

So open the door. If you don’t, small doggy paws might maneuver their way around the latch. Here come Fred and Joe.

Tails of Mystery by Sheila Deeth

Tails of Mystery by Sheila Deeth


2 thoughts on “Wagging their tails behind them”

  1. Fred and Joe look like happy dogs. Sorry, but I am deeply suspicious about happy dogs. The other day, a friend was helping me put up a six foot wire fence around our garden. We had just stretched the fence and were prepared to nail it to the posts – only my friend couldn’t find the box of nail… I looked around and sure enough, Scooter was smiling.

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