More flash or less?

It’s kind of ironic: A week after the talk about flash fiction at our writers’ group, I received a most unexpected (and delightful) email from the owner of an indie author and stories blog, the Cult of Me. My short story had won the May contest over there! But are short stories flash fiction, you ask, and so did I.

By The creator of the Art piece- Lars Widenfalk- Poderedellaluna

I had so nearly forgotten entering the contest that I rushed over to read and reread what I’d written. What was I thinking? Then inspiration struck. My entry, though written before the talk, just might be a piece of flash fiction in its own right. Maybe that’s why I can’t remember what it meant. Maybe that’s why it means something different each time I read it.

But what do you think?

Whatever I call it, My Brother’s Keeper is now a winning entry. I’m thoroughly over the moon and enormously grateful. And I can no longer claim not to earn enough from writing to keep me in coffee.

Could this be a good sign for the rest of the year? Tails of Mystery is due for release next month (short stories for children – definitely not flash fiction), and Infinite Sum is slated to come out soon (novel, not flash). If everything always comes in threes, I wonder, could they too succeed?

Well, a girl can dream.

And drink coffee!

And enter contests. Save the link. The Cult of Me offers some great images to inspire your writing dreams (and nightmares).


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