Rapid Writing Fun

Our writers’ group had a fantastic meeting last week, and a chance comment from the speaker about book blurbs and elevator pitches inspired us to try writing our own blurbs before the meeting ended. This left us unable to do the writing exercise I’d planned, but that’s fine; it happens all the time.

Meanwhile, here’s my WordPress blog feeling sad and unattended, while those writing exercises wait undone. But perhaps I could try storing them here to use when I need some inspiration. And maybe… just possibly maybe… someone else might want to use them too. So, to set the ball rolling, here’s that writing exercise we didn’t do:



I read a blogpost that listed ways our features reflect our emotions. Starting with eyes. What do eyes do when you’re

  • Surprised
  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Anything else…?

What do mouths do? Necks? Arms? Heartbeats? What do our feet do?

Looking deeper:

I see your eyes grow round if I surprise you. I can’t see my own eyes. How would I describe the effect of an emotion on my body.

  • Can I smell my sweat when I’m scared?
  • Can I feel the corners of my mouth turn up or down?
  • How does my heartbeat sound?

Rapid Write:

The prompt for our writers’ group’s current contest is isolation, so… Write a paragraph about an isolated character.  Choose where to place him/her/it, and include at least one emotional response. Make sure the response is described from the character’s point of view, and includes some physical manifestations of emotion.



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