Thinking in color

I remember someone asking in junior high if I dreamed in color. I couldn’t imagine why it would even be a question. How else could one dream? Of course, we were all growing up with black and white TV. But you might as well ask if I thought Doctor Who wore gray, or if ManU and ManC played in different featureless shades. It didn’t matter how colorless the image, I saw and dreamed in vibrant rainbow light. And now I write… in color?

A friend pointed out lots of characters in my stories that have green eyes. This got me wondering what color her eyes were, and I’d no idea. So that got me wondering about the use of color in describing things. Can eyes be colored from the point of view of someone who might not see them? Can colors be vivid from the point of view of someone who doesn’t care? And what color is sad?

TV and internet both shine bright in vibrant shades today, so I asked my favorite Google to guide my way. Then I learned those green eyes are pretty relaxed, unstressed, belonging to someone asleep on the sofa or wandering at peace through verdant field and forest. Blue is calm and lovable until its azure darkens toward indigo romance. Yellow has wandering thoughts of imagination, through fruity apricot to richly stimulated shades of excitable orange. Meanwhile red is fiery and filled with flights of adventure, or fury perhaps, flowing over sweet pink’s uncertainty to fuschia-tinted fear. Purple adds poise and purpose, royalty and loyalty. And brown, all beaten-down, unloved, meanders, it seems, without meaning beneath it all.

Meanwhile, back in the world of black and white, their gray shades go from overworked, through tense, to frustrated pallor, so I think I’d still rather dream and write in color. But what about you? What do those colors mean? And what do they mean when you read them?

Or when you drink them!!!!!

coffee copy


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