Feeling Green

Having posted something red last month, I really feel like I ought to go for the green today. After all, St. Patrick’s Day’s coming soon and, while it’s singularly unimportant in my homeland (except that there’s a saint with a memorable history to be mentioned in high school assembly), he’s really popular here. And he pinches people who don’t wear green, or so my kids were told.20150309_161559

Oddly enough, one of my publishers encouraged a sense of green in a recent email. He’s just assigned his authors to “groups” and mine is “green fuse.” This sent me searching for the Dylan Thomas poem of course (http://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/force-through-green-fuse-drives-flower), and the idea is that we authors should feel driven to grow and flow and be seen on the internet, where readers just might, maybe, find our books. The practice, of course, is somewhat more daunting. For all my multiple blogs and identities, I still feel greenly unskilled, not to mention somewhat unmoored and greenly seasick at the thought. Help! Help! Help! Where’s the virtual life-belt gone?20150309_161501

Meanwhile, since I live in Oregon, there’s an unseasonal bloom of greenness crossing the land. Trees are dropping their blossom to the ground. Daffodils fade. Hyacinths scent the air. And dandelions rejoice in leonine glory across the lawn.20150309_161713

I weeded the fern-bed yesterday, cut back the brown and gray, and saw my answer at last!20150309_161623

That nervous little fronded head, just peaking above the earth? In the virtual world, I think it’s me, and I’m green!


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