Red, Black, and an Infinite Sum

She paints in red and black, as if the colors might define her mood, or else declare it. She pictures beauty, turns her back, and finds her wandering paintbrush pares the colors into night. She lives, enjoys, an ordinary life. And yet that red keeps bleeding; that black keeps intervening over light.

Her name is Sylvia, and her story’s told in my second novel, Infinite Sum, coming soon from Second Wind Publishing. If you’ve read Divide by Zero, you may have some vague recollection of who she is. But she wouldn’t let go of my keyboard when the story was finished and done. So, in Infinite Sum, she tells it her own way… with artwork, red and black…

…and with words. She’s pretty good with Word it seems. But here’s what happened when I let her loose with Paint.

Infinite Sum


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