The Oregon Historical Society

Last year a friend took me to the Oregon Historical Society’s Holiday Cheer event. Two huge rooms were filled with lines of tables where authors sat behind displays of their books. So many Oregon authors! So many books! I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, bought a couple of souvenirs (books of course), and ended the day with a fascinating tour of the building’s various displays, learning much of Oregon history, culture and art.

Earlier this year the same friend took me to listen to some real live Oregon author’s speaking. Jane Kirkpatrick is always fascinating to hear, and Greg Nokes was great too. I had a wonderful visit and learned some more Oregon history. And I bought a book (of course).

But now I’m getting ready to go the Oregon Historical Society’s building on my own. My friend will visit, but I’ll be one of those authors behind their tables at the Holiday Cheer event. I’ll be counted as a genuine Oregon author, and I’ll smile and talk about my books – even, hopefully, sell a few. Divide by Zero will be offered in the gift store. And I’ll live a dream come true. Just look at this poster! (Well, look at the cover in the center at the bottom, and you’ll see what I mean.)

Deeth Holiday Cheer FlyerAh, but what if you don’t live in Oregon, and can’t meet with me there? Don’t worry. You too can find Divide by Zero, on Second Wind Publishing’s website at:!product/prd15/2955791331/divide-by-zero

Divide by Zero
Divide by Zero

Enjoy! I know I shall!


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