What price kindle free?

Genesis People (#1 in the Five Minute Bible StoryTM Series) is free on kindle from now ’til January 14th. And I sold over a hundred copies today!

Pause while I do a happy dance with my Mum…

Wouldn’t you want to dance? Over a hundred new readers cared enough to download copies. Over a hundred new readers might write reviews. And over a hundred new readers might choose to buy Bethlehem’s Baby (#6) in print soon… so very soon. The first print copy’s already in the mail from my publisher!

Of course, my husband saw my happy dance and asked why. Being a practical kind of guy, he answered my triumphant tally of sales by demanding to know the price. When I answered “free,” he said “Then you gave them away. That isn’t selling.” But perhaps it’s marketing.

I’ll get back to you later on whether or not it’s successful marketing. Meanwhile I’ll hope my readers might get back to me for more. And I’ll rejoice in the fact that I’m enjoying writing #8, Galilee’s Gift.

Five Minute Bible StoryTM Series, for bedtime, nap time, family time, Sunday school and more: Five minutes stories based on the Bible and grounded in faith, science and history.



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