Happy New Year!


This year I will:

  1. Remember to diet when Christmas and New Year  are done.
  2. Remember to exercise when I run out of words to type–walking being much more inspiring, less fattening, and better for me than snacking on cookies!
  3. Remember to write something every day, even if it’s only a shopping list–and if it’s a shopping list, make sure it’s creative.
  4. Remember to write book reviews as soon as I finish reading, so I don’t have to spend so long unfolding corners of pages to find the notes I made.
  5. Remember to carry a pencil when reading, so I can make notes instead of trying to remember why I folded those corners down.
  6. Remember to tidy up my blogs.
  7. Remember to tidy up my computer.
  8. Remember to sort out my Christmas mailing list ’cause I forgot last year
  9. Remember to email sons, brothers and mother at regular intervals, and
  10. Remember, if I’m panicking I’m probably doing something wrong.

What’s on your list?

trumpets 7

And Happy New Year 2014!

(Help! Where did 2012 go?)


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