How much does a $1.10 stamp cost?

I’m late, I know, but I finally wrote our Christmas letter, printed it out, stuffed it into envelopes, and glued on those 50+ addresses ready for mailing. Now it was time for that yearly marathon visit to the Post Office.

We send lots of mail to England so we know it costs $1.10 for the postage stamp. Sadly, the Post Office sold out of such stamps last week. But surely they’d have more now, I thought, and surely our cards would soon be on their way.

So, just how much does a $1.10 stamp cost?

The Post Office was still sold out. They didn’t even have $1 stamps, or 10cent ones, or 5cents, so we couldn’t wallpaper the envelopes with pictures to make up the price. “Try over the road.”

At the UPS store, they’d happily frank our mail at $2.20 each. And the next place we tried was the same. $2.20, it seems, is the going rate for a $1.10 frank. I headed back to the Post Office.

“We don’t have the right machine,” they said, so they couldn’t frank my mail, whatever I paid. But they could tell me, three “forever” stamps each would send my cards on their way.

Unless my math is failing, that’s $1.38 per $1.10 mailing, but it’s the best offer I got, so I went with it. And now you know, a $1.10 in postage costs 25% more if it happens to be Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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